In an increasingly globalized world and an expanding construction industry, we take decisive steps with an experienced and innovative outlook. Through this journey, we aim to both address our responsibilities to our domestic real-estate market as we build secure and tranquil living spaces. The foundations of Maritza Development consist of people who hold sincerity and honesty above all else. We take the ought most care to establish and maintain sustainable relations with both our clients and employees. Because our business orbits around people. The chief reason why we focus on a boutique concept is so that we can reflect our humanist objectives more effectively. For instance, we celebrate our loved ones special days, birthdays or anniversaries, with get togethers and little surprises. We don’t do this for client satisfaction, we do this to strengthen our relationships. We know that your satisfaction translates into your happiness and our teams creative freedom translates to quality.

Why Maritza

Because Maritza means ‘’an unending partnership.’’ When our five partner started this firm, our vision was that our partnership and our relationship with our clients would last years to come. As we departed on this long journey, we move forward with the strength we derive from our common goals and principles. Our principal vision for the construction industry is utilizing human oriented design, sustainability and innovation to form living spaces. In our boutique developments, in both heart of the city and in heart of nature, we usher the way to a tranquil and secure life style.

Emir Sarıgul
Maritza Board Director