Maritza Development was established in 2007 by it’s partners, Emir Sarıgül, Gençağa Meriç, Mehmet Meriç, Sadullah Ergün and Ahmet Meriç. With Maritza Homes as our initial project, to date, our company has expanded out to 5 total development projects and over 205 individual living spaces.
Offering the greatest blend of esthetics and function solutions in the domestic construction industry, Maritza Development’s strategy lies in filing the need for boutique living spaces. By creating sustainable value, we address client expectations and needs and create structures for a human and natural living. Maritza Development aims for the highest tier of ethical integrity and performance and continues it’s projects to constantly strive for quality and reliability.


A living space of quality and security
Client and employee satisfaction
Human oriented design and architecture
Sustainable technologies and a strategy of innovation
Conserving natural beauty and human living


Our mission is to incorporate the latest technologies, techniques and standards in both the domestic and international construction industry to provide human oriented, sustainable solutions to maintain client and employee satisfaction, while providing quality and elite living spaces.