Maritza Development aims to become the industry leader in sustainable boutique living spaces. Since it’s inception, Maritza Development holds such industry leading subsidiaries such as merit Development and Milimetrik Development. The original founders of Maritza Development Gencaga Meric and Omer Meric, also serve as board members of Milimetrik development.

Meric Development

Founded by Omer Meric in 1969 as a family business, aided by years of experience was incorporated in 1988. Merit Development, which carries on the motto of ‘’human oriented and sustainable living’’ enjoys an impressive resume with diversified references ranging from Plazas, work centers, gated communities, villas and high-rises and has made over 4000 families home-owners to date. With it’s experienced and innovative staff, modern architectural taste and standards, Meric development offers a perfect blend of quality, form and function and does not compromise it’s business principles to provide quality living spaces.